This site was created in order to present in pictures our activity building an earthship near Oradea.

Prin aceasta pagina dorim sa documentam, prin imagini, construirea earthship-ului nostru.

Ezzel a weboldallal szeretnénk dokumentálni, képek segítségével, az eartshipünk építését.

Pictures / Poze / Képek

Module 2 - final works

Window frames for module 2.

Window frames installed.

Module 1 interior

Module 2 interior.

Roof instulation.

Module 2 interior.

Vent box 3.

Module 1+2 windows installed.

South face.

South face.

November 29, 20 degrees Celsius

Module 2 - fornt bond beam

Module 2 almost ready.

Fornt row bond beam iron work on a misty day.

Front row concrete bond beam ready.

Front row, sunny day.

Some nice flgas on a windy day.

Module 2 - roof


Starts to look great.

A nice view.

The international team is working hard.

By night.

Vapor barrier.

Module 2 - tire wall - top rows

8 rows.

The tire press did a gread job.

Inside module 2.

Finally, we have him on camera.

Noth wall with the vent pipe openings.

10 (ten) rows done.

All in line.


The custom made cistern on its place.

Lot of shoveling...

You still can see it.

And it's done.

Module 2 - until row 5


Four rows ready.

North wall.

Module 2, west side.

Nice work, folks.

These go into rows 1-3.

Module 2 - beginning

The tent is ready for rain and shine.

Waterproofing behind the wall.

Six mil plastic = 0.15 mm

First row of the module 2.

Vent pipes 2 and 3 installed.


Important info

And YES, we will continue to work on the Oradea earthship in 2015. Please contact us for details, if you want to join.

East side windows

East side of the greenhouse. We had to divide the wall into smaller windosw. More woodwork, but less trouble and costs with the windows.

Glasses installed. There are small two triangle windows. It's always dark when i'm ready.

Front window

Windows intstalled.

We have to put the small window, to close the room.

It starts to look serious.

The view from the room.

Some mid december sun.

The last noon without the windows.

Winter solistice with the windows installed!

Peaceful recycling of some corporate stuff.

Front window frames

Now it looks like an earthship.

Frames installed.

Neat and clean.

Frames protected with a plastic sheet.

Woodwork and other details

Checking how the window frames will look like.

Checking how the window frames will look like. Side view.

Sorry for the mess.

Vent box.

Every earthship needs a lunar lander.

Roof 2

Ready for the second day of roofing.

Rafters installed.

Firs set of boards installed.

We also did the front row vapour barrier.

When we are finished, the little guy will help us.

We need people like this.


Bolting the beams.

The two beams are installed.

Ready until the sun sets.


Bond beam, woodwork

Iron men at work.

Vapour barrier installed on the bond beam.

Placing the tracks.


One of my best helpers, Mr. Sanyi

One more track to install.

And it's done.

A great picture by DMS.

Bond beam

Fist the rebars

...than the concrete

and anchor bolts

and it's ready

Front facing

First session, July 2014.

First course ready, second row to be filled.

Saturday with a a little help.

Tires look like this after tire press.

Thermal wrap and vapour barrier

Ten rows ready.

From inside.

Working on the tenth row.

And the best team ever.

July 2014, first building session on the site. Info regarding the accomodation and others:

Info in hungarian



Rudi, our new friend

Other people building, but not earthships


Over the hills and far away

Ventilation pipe project

The vent pipe will be placed here

Thanks for the backhoe guy


I think it's a goodyear runflat. Perfect to sit and st**

Only recycled lumber used

Final tasks for construction

Private water pumping station

Site visit with Michael, May 18th

Septic tank and other stuff

Tires and stuff

About this big...


Bond beam

Zoli's site

Earthship conferece Oradea, May 17th

Ready for the conference

Getting into details

People listening

Earthships @ Oradea

Q & A


Media release about conference

Click for article

Click for article

Click for article

Click for article

Earthship conference with Michael Reynolds - Oradea, May 17th, Oradea University, Aula Magna

Click for details!

Tire press testing, second session.

Testing the thire alignment.

Tire packer and the new belt.

The belt to hold the tires during packing.

The hidraulic group with fire red finish.

Mr. Sanyiba digging the cellar. Gread job, Mr. Sanyibacsi!

Front row.

Tire press testing, first session.
Testarea aparatului de compactat, sesiunea 1.
Gumitimo teszteles, elso proba.

The head of the tire press.

Pressing. The iron belt is not ready yet.

Zoli working on the building.

Test session 1 team, thank you people!

Igi is helping us.


Waterproofing the foundation.


Foundation is ready.

Foundation is ready.

Foundation is ready.

Septic tank

Truck tires to hold the ground.

Holes were made on the tires.

A plastic foil was wraped outside the tires.

It started like this.


It looked like this when I got there.

It looked like this when I got there.


Plans, interior view.

Plans, outside.

About us / Despre noi / Rólunk

We are a nonprofit organisation, our first project is to build an earthship and help others to build one.



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